Did You Know?

On July 22, 1715 The postal system was established. 

On July 7, 1838 Congress passes a bill making every railroad a postal route.

On August 10, 1865 Baltimore became the first U.S. city with electric railway in regular operation.

On July 29, 1870 The first asphalt road was completed.

On October 9, 1870 Grand Central Station opened in New York City.

On August 1, 1873 San Francisco received it’s first cable car.

On November 13, 1903 The Ford Motor Company was formed.

On July 28, 1912 GMC Truck was formed.

On August 5, 1914 The first traffic light went up in Cleveland, Ohio.

On August 14, 1914 The Panama Canal opened.

On August 27, 1927 The first production of the Yellow Coach was in Chicago.

On November 13, 1927 The Holland Tunnel opened.

On December 23, 1946 NYCTA carried a record 8.8 million passengers.

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