COMTO KC encourages students to explore careers in the transportation industry at KDOT’s Career Construction Expo

On September 27th, 2016, COMTO Kansas City participated as an exhibitor at the Construction Career Day Expo, which is hosted by the Kansas Department of Transportation. The Expo is for middle and high school students interested in construction and transportation industry-related careers. The students had access to 30 exhibits that demonstrated the design, construction, development and project management features of the transportation industry.

COMTO KC encouraged the children to explore careers in engineering, architecture, urban planning, and construction. The chapter also taught the students the origins of the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials and other transportation related facts in the form of trivia questions. Every student that answered correctly or even gave their best try towards an answer, received a piece of candy.


Also, the chapter displayed two poster boards, one was a typical busy street to use as an icebreaker. This board displayed many different modes of travel on it and the children were asked to guess how many modes of transportation were on the board. The other board displayed the different aspects of Urban Planning and how one becomes a planner.


The students were very engaged into the trivia questions and the poster boards. Maybe they enjoyed talking about transportation and the various careers it offers, or maybe they just wanted a piece of candy. Nonetheless, COMTO KC was happy to participate and looks forward to participating next year. Thank you to KDOT for inviting us and the area schools that participated which included Topeka High School, Washburn Rural High School and Robinson Middle School.

To learn more about the Expo, please click here.

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