2nd Annual “Triple Play” Event Focuses on Building Relationships Between Primes and Small Businesses

Smart Stakeholder Engagement: Leveraging Relationships

Smart stakeholder engagement and relationship leveraging are key to retaining and bringing in new members as well as creating business opportunities for small businesses. Networking events are a win-win for all parties involved to include DBE’s, Primes as well as State Local & Governmental entities. The Kansas City chapter is privileged to have member organizations at all levels of the transportation industry: Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT),  Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), Kansas City Area Transit Authority (KCATA), The City of Kansas City.

On June 11th, 2018, COMTO KC held our 2nd Annual Triple Play Networking Event in partnership with MoDOT and Bellewether LTD. The DBE’s included several engineering firms, consulting firms and a few business consulting firms with ties to corporate construction companies who work with DOT’s as well as airports. In December 2016, MoDOT’s External Civil Rights Division selected two firms to provide Supportive Services to currently certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs). For Western Missouri, Bellewether an established consulting firm was awarded the MoDOT Supportive Services contract. Per the contract, Bellewether is responsible for hosting two networking events.

Bellewether Global Owner and Staff: Kay Saunders (left), Jami Henry (middle), Monique Campbell (right)

Since MoDOT, Bellwether, and COMTO all have members of COMTO within them, it only made sense for COMTO to serve as the community partner to host a networking event leveraging all of COMTO’s core members DBE’s as well as Primes who work with them. If you would like to learn more about the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials, please visit this link.

Anthony Arnold Owner of A. Arnold & Associates (left) and Doria Watson Civil Rights Administrator with KDOT (right)

DBE’s came to the event as well as MBE’s who wanted to work create a relationship with the COMTO core member businesses, establish themselves with the DOTs, and gain insight on upcoming projects/contract opportunities. Five different entities disclosed information on their upcoming projects, funding patterns with DBE/WBE/MBE’s last year, and their WBE/MBE/DBE goals. They also disclosed where firms could go to get more information on upcoming projects. If they did not meet their DBE goals, the organization would disclose what they plan on doing in the future to meet and even exceed their goals.

Prenness Taylor External Civil Rights Specialist with MoDOT

The following people made presentations representing their agencies: (MoDOT) Prenness Taylor–External Civil Rights Specialist, (KDOT) Charles Dilliehunt–Program Consultant, (KCATA) Denise Adams–Senior Manager of Procurement, (KCMO) Akalya Jones–DBE Coordinator and Darrell Everette–Procurement Manager, (MARC) Beth Dawson–Senior Land Use Planner and Darryl Fields–Senior Transportation Planner.

The event was held at Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport, who is a MoDOT partner. This photo highlights a beautiful Cirrus SR22T Aircraft

 There were more than 100 guests in attendance seeking to develop relationships with other businesses. Guests who attended the event and left their businesses cards received the PowerPoint with all the various contract opportunities and contact information. Over 150+ primes, DBEs/WBEs, and other firms signed up for this unique opportunity and networking event. We were happy to host this event for a second straight year and we look forward to planning the next networking event in the near future. On behalf of MoDOT, Bellewether, and COMTO, we would like to thank all the guests for attending the monumental event and our sponsors for believing in the vision.

Members of COMTO Kansas City

Thank you to our sponsors, partners, Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport, and the yummy caterers:







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