Celebrating Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month and every other month of the year, COMTO Kansas City launched a three-part video series highlighting the achievements of the Black men and women who have contributed to the growth of our nation’s transportation industry. View the series below:

Granville T. Woods

The first video in our three-part series,¬†COMTO KC’s Dee Mathes introduces us to Granville T. Woods, engineer and inventor of the railway telegraph.

Garrett A. Morgan

COMTO KC’s Whitney Morgan introduces us to Garrett A. Morgan, inventor, businessman and community leader who saved countless lives with his inventions of the gas mask and traffic signal.

Hiram Young

In part 3 of our series, Dee Mathes shares the history of Hiram Young, a Missouri businessman and wagon manufacturer on the Oregon Trail.

Many thanks to videographer and producer Darrin Dressler: https://www.darrindressler.com/.

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