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2018-2019 Standing Committees

Legislative Committee –

Chair: Charles Dilliehunt


Phone: 785-296-7940

This committee recommends policy based upon legislative directives that have been approved by the COMTO Board of Directors. To that end, the COMTO legislative committee promotes policies and programs that advance the organization, as well as the mission, vision and strategic plan. Makes sure the chapter adheres to chapter bylaws and oversees the chapter election process. This committee will give updates at membership meetings on potential policies/bills that may positively or negatively affect equal opportunity, civil rights, diversity, access to transportation, etc. This committee will plan events and/or notify members on how they can effect change through information sharing, training, educational sessions, and professional development.


Marketing Committee –

Chair: Canesha Gravely


Phone: 816-346-0272

This committee is responsible for promoting the chapter, COMTO, fundraisers, and programs. When the chapter hosts events or partners with other organizations, this committee is responsible for overseeing the set-up of those events, registration, and agenda planning. This committee determines how the public views COMTO Kansas City while utilizing the COMTO style guide as a resource. This committee will give updates at membership meetings on upcoming events and how members can help promote the success of those events.

Membership Outreach Committee –

Chair: Monique Campbell


Phone: 816-674-2656

Responsible for generating ideas and initiatives related to the recruitment of members. Also responsible for the development of programs designed to attract additional members and the modification of existing membership eligibility criteria. This committee is responsible for reaching out to new members, retaining current members, and reinforces the values of COMTO to its members. Responsible for planning the Annual Membership Meeting and other networking events. This committee will give updates at membership meetings on the National Membership Committee and potential strategies for recruitment.


Corporate Relations Committee –

Chair: David Church


Phone: 785-633-4085

This committee is responsible for maintaining contact with corporate entities (large and small), help engages them for possible fundraising, partnerships with events, the creation of documentation to help explain the benefits of attending National COMTO events such as the conference, etc. Maintain relationships with corporate entities while periodically meeting with them to plan future events, sponsorship opportunities, and update them on COMTO KC’s current initiatives. Help secure partner(s) for COMTO’s City Interns Program, Garrett A. Morgan Shadow Day, Scholarship Banquet, etc. This committee will give updates at membership meetings on current corporate activities as well as potential corporate partnerships.



Scholarship/Youth Engagement Committee –

Co-Chairs: Doria Watson & AJ Byrd


Phone: 785-296-7940/816-392-9625

This committee is responsible for planning the Annual Scholarship Banquet and Garrett A. Morgan Shadow Day program that includes the venue, prices, tickets, etc. Plans chapter participation in local career-oriented events such as NICE Construction’s iBuild, KDOT’s Career Construction Expo, KCSTI, KS-NSTI, etc. This committee also informs the chapter of other potential opportunities to engage the youth and/or come up with new ways on how we can expose the transportation field to the youth. This committee is responsible for giving an update at chapter meetings on youth activities and planning of future youth activities.


Small Business HUB Committee –

Chair: Donnetta Cole


Phone: 816-763-6377

This committee is responsible for creating ways for COMTO KC to promote small business opportunities, events, and relationships to help their existence as small businesses. Develop relationships with decision makers to influence Workforce Development goals and DBE goals for projects and programs. Promote the use of DBE/WBE/MBE vendors throughout the procurement process for all RFPs in the Kansas City area. Promote MoDOT’s and KDOT’s Supportive Services programs as well as the MRCC, DBE Symposiums, ACCA Conference, etc. Share opportunities for members to learn more on Contract Compliance, Title VI, Commercially Useful Function programs, Good-Faith Efforts, etc. This committee is responsible for giving updates at membership meetings on current external civil rights programs/issues, bid opportunities, certification programs, DBE goals, and upcoming conferences.